Pilot Awards 2012-2013

Jose Aleman, MD, PhD
Breslow Laboratory

Reversal of obesity-associated inflammation and crown-like structures with acute weight loss

Louis Cohen, MD
Brady Laboratory

Metagenomic analysis of bacterial natural products and their role in the intestinal microbiome

Amir Shlomai, MD, PhD
Rice Laboratory

Identifying essential host factors in hepatitis B virus life cycle by modeling infection in hepatocyte-like inducible pluripotent stem cells (iHLCs)

Manish Ponda, MD
Breslow Laboratory

The effect of oral vitamin D vs. ultraviolet light on cholesterol

Jeanne Walker, RN
Center for Clinical and Translational Science
The effects of trans-resveratrol on insulin resistance, inflammation, and the metabolic syndrome: a placebo controlled, double blind study

Juana Gonzalez, PhD
Translational Technology Core Laboratory

A Pilot Study to characterize adipose tissue leukocytes by flow cytometry and microscopy in lean, obese, and psoriatic subjects

Roos Karssemeljer
Mucida Laboratory

The influence of the microbiota on epigenetic regulation of gene expression in intestinal lymphocytes

Ype De Jong, MD, PhD
Rice Laboratory

Identification of factors that enhance human FLPC and iHLC engraftment in mice.

Naglaa Shoukry, PhD
Rice Laboratory

Pilot transcriptome analysis of acute HCV

Brad Rosenberg, MD, PhD
Presidential Whitehead Fellow

Immune profiling by high throughput sequencing of complete antigen receptors

Darren Ruane, PhD
Nussenzweig Laboratory

Generation of gut-homing IgA-secreting B cells by lung resident Dendritic cells

Thomas P. Sakmar, MD
Sakmar Laboratory

Novel Anti-amyloid therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus using conformation-specific antiprotofibril monoclonal antibodies

Sanford Simon, PhD
Simon Laboratory

Live cell imaging of Hepatitis C virus assembly and release

Sanford Simon, PhD
Simon Laboratory

Live cell imaging of hepatic lipoprotein assembly and release, and their interaction with Hepatitis C virus

C. Erec Stebbins, PhD
Stebbins Laboratory

Studies of the bacterial Oncoprotein CagA bound to the human tumor suppressor ASPP2

Gaelle Breton, PhD
Nussenzweig Laboratory

Characterization of intestinal dendritic cell subsets in human for the rational design of mucosal vaccine strategies.

Sohail Tavazoie, MD, PhD
Tavazoie Laboratory

In vivo delivery of microRNAs for treatment of colorectal cancer metastasis

Alexander Nguyen, MD, PhD
Tavazoie Laboratory

Therapeutic inhibition of autocrine signaling pathways involved in colorectal cancer metastasis