Pilot Projects 2013-2014


Jose Aleman, MD, PhD
Breslow Laboratory

The OWL Skin Study


Ethan Weinberg, MD
Tavazoie Laboratory

Development of a reproducible in vivo murine model of metastatic colorectal cancer liver colonization using patient-derived CRC grafts and identification of genes implicated in colorectal cancer liver metastasis


Ana Emiliano, MD
Friedman Laboratory

Missing links: brain and gut adaptations in sleeve gastrectomy-induce weight loss


Amir Shlomai, MD, PhD
Rice Laboratory

Identifying essential host factors in hepatitis B virus life cycle and persistence by novel infection systems


Manish Ponda, MD
Breslow Laboratory

The Effect of Oral Vitamin D vs. Ultraviolet Light on Cholesterol


Alexander Nguyen, BA
Tavazoie Laboratory

Therapeutic Inhibition of Autocrine Signaling Pathways Involved in Colorectal Cancer Metastasis


Brad Rosenberg, MD, PhD
Rice Laboratory

Effects of persistent innate immune activation on vaccine efficacy

Pilot study: Gene expression profiling of immune response to HBV vaccination in healthy volunteers


Janet Markle, PhD
Casanova Laboratory

Intestinal infections in patients with mutations in T-bet


Jeanne Walker, MSN,NP-C
Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science

The Effects of Trans-Resveratrol on Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, and the Metabolic Syndrome: A Placebo Controlled, Double Blind Study


Jia Min Loo
Tavazoie Laboratory

Colorectal cancer


Juana Gonzalez, PhD
Translational Technology Core Laboratory

A pilot study to characterize adipose tissue leukocytes by flow cytometry   and microscopy in lean, obese and psoriatic subjects


Sanford M. Simon, PhD and Constantin N. Takacs, BS
Simon Laboratory

Imaging of Early Steps of Hepatitis C Virus and
Lipoprotein Release from Live Cells


Zeynep Gumus
Tavazoie Laboratory

Functional Impact Characterization of Mutations in Colon Cancer Genomes




 Jose Aleman, MD, PhDBreslow LaboratoryThe OWL Skin Study Ethan Weinberg, MDTavazoie LaboratoryDevelopment of a reproducible in vivo murine model of metastatic colorectal cancer liver