Equipment Funded by the Center

The upgrade of the LSR II flow cytometer with the yellow /green laser; this increases the sensitivity and analytical capability to compensate for 14 different fluorochrome labeled biomarkers in a single cell.

The Erenna Immunoassay system from Singulex, Inc, is extremely sensitive, and it quantifies very low level (sub-picogram) of biomarkers (cytokines, hormones, etc. ) in biological matrices such as serum, plasma, synovial fluid, etc.

A LICOR Odyssey SA is an infrared laser scanning instrument that allows for a quantitative determination of antibody binding to western blots or to fixed cells in a microplate. The instrument is capable of reading 50, 384 well microplates in 90 minutes and can scan two colors simultaneously, thus allowing the introduction of normalization controls in every sample. The system has a much larger linear range than chemiluminescent systems typically used in such applications. This is a very useful instrument for measuring antigen expression in both cells and in purified samples. To use, register online at

Ocean Optics HR2000 User Configured Spectrometer System

Infrared Cameras Inc ICI 7640P fixed system  (640x480 pixels, sensitivity <30mK)