Graduate Fellows

2015 - Present

Jingyi Chi
Cohen Laboratory
Molecular basis of cold-activated “browning” of beige fat.

Mariya London
Mucida Laboratory
Regulation of T cell plasticity and maintenance in the intestine.

Lisa Noble
Tavazoie Laboratory
Role of Creatine Kinase Brain in colorectal cancer metastatic progression.

Gloria Wu
Tavazoie Laboratory
Identifying and characterizing metastasis regulators as novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma.


2012 - 2015

Roos Karssemeijer
de Lange Laboratory
The role of 53BP1 phosphorylation in DNA repair.

Jia Min Loo
Tavazoie Laboratory
In vivo delivery of microRNAs for treatment of colorectal cancer metastasis

Kavita Rangan
Hang Laboratory
Mechanistic exploration of commensal-pathogen interactions using C. elegans as a model host.

Keith Tan
Friedman Laboratory
Identifying Neurons that Regulate energy balance using PhosphoTRAP

2015 - PresentJingyi ChiCohen LaboratoryMolecular basis of cold-activated “browning” of beige fat.Mariya LondonMucida LaboratoryRegulation of T cell plasticity and maintenance in t